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Welcome to Neon Blight!


Neon Blight is a roguelite/management game in active development, where you acquire firearms and sell them with enthusiasm

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Explore and shoot your way through a forest filled with enemies and bosses collecting randomly generated guns. 

Walk around a cyberpunk town filled with detail, meet interesting people, complete quests, and customize/manage your own gun shop!

What the game will be:

  • Multiple characters to choose from!
  • full cyberpunk town to explore and interact with!
  • customizable gun shop!
  • Randomly generated weapons!
  • NPC quests!
  • Fight varied enemies and bosses!
  • And more!

my twitter: @1pxlchibs

main menu music by failpositive

This game is not done, So bugs might happen and content is pretty limited, but yeah
Have fun and let me know what you think of it


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sell this

keep in mind this is extremely early test build

but we got the hype

Neon Blight is an amazing game, with an epic pixel art style that's easily recognizable. This pre-alpha shows so much potential and I cant wait for the next major update. The creator has done an amazing job. If you would like to catch my game play or my interview with the dev. catch a link below!

Also I recommend adding a cooldown between the shots, so that you can't just use an autoclicker and burst all your bullets at once at a target.

i did in the new build, ill upload it soon

The enemies are so slow, that the dash function went completely unused for me. Also since the dash is located on the mouse, you'd assume it dashed towards your cursor. I think the game would benefit greatly from some music, it felt very boring without any. Love the art and idea but it's missing some of the key aspects of a game that feels great to play. It feels dull, it should at least have a setting for enemies that go faster than you, and enemies that shoot faster.

well it is very early development, music will be added but im pretty much a one man team, music will come at some point


I loved playing this game, I felt like john wick whilst playing it 

This feels like a great start to an awesome roguelike!  Hope to see some more updates soon :)


I loved the video man! Super entertaining to watch! Thanks for playing it!

Thanks!  And for sure, excited to keep up with the future updates :)  Best of luck!

Nice idea, chummer! Be sure to include an exit button on the main menu, though.

Hoping you keep working on this - it has a lot of potential.

Thank you! yeah obviously theres gonna be way more for the menu

available for mac? it doesn't state

no sorry :/

Definitely has potential. I really like the visuals and the idea. Looking forward to updates. And to be able to get ice cream noodles. :)


Hey thanks for playing the game and making a video about it! I think you nailed the description of my game pretty well, I don't know how much i'll be supporting this playable build, I have a few updates played for it but don't know how far I'll take it for the  "demo". Thanks for being interested! I really appreciate it!

Will you make new builds available through Patreon? 

I might!

Deleted post

Thank you! I appreciate the nice words and feedback!