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You find yourself in a near forgotten city, managing a gun store, nature has taken over cities and has spread a dangerous infection turning people into Blighters. Zombie like creatures infected with a brain controlling fungus. Legends say the mightiest of gunslingers have hid the ultimate weapon within the dangerous terrains beyond the city borders where these creatures live. Your quest is to find the ultimate weapon and become the richest person alive or become the most powerful person alive.

Welcome to Neon Blight

Manage a neon gun shop, shoot your way through a deadly forest filled with mutants and mercenaries and collect guns to sell for your own profit.

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Upcoming Features:

● Procedurally generated levels including a forest, bunker and more to come
Unique boss fights.
Hundreds of upgradeable guns.
● Fun and diverse range of stat affecting items
Manage and customize a gun shop.
Interesting Characters with branching dialog and quests.
Rich and detailed city to explore.

Main menu music by failpositive

Trailer music by Lucas Cacas

This is a demo for Neon Blight and you may find game breaking bugs. This does not reflect the final game.

Please report any bugs or errors you encounter in your playthrough, I will be sure to fix them as soon as possible


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Neon Blight alpha demo 63 MB

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This was played on so things are even better now. Can't wait to see more, there's lots of potential. :) 


you have a winner on your hands here. keep up the good work

Thank you!

Good looking game, but I've got a bug report: You can kill the boss without having to fight him. Just stand on the outside of the arena and shoot him dead before the fight starts and you can skip the boss entirely.

Oh hey thanks for seeing that! Ill fix it haha

Played a bit and I got this error. Happens every time after I click 'Take gun' on the Red Eye. If I take the CD-77 first, I can pick up the Red Eye and there's no error. I hope this helps fix it fast & smooth. Back to playtesting... :)


Thank you for the bug report! Ill try to fix it when I get back home